Blockstart Ventures: Industry specific expertise, capital, and community, leveraging networks, platforms, and protocols.

In 2019, the founders of Blockstart Ventures LP, an investment firm, were drawn together by a singular purpose: To harness and decisively exploit a value proposition that to date remains unprecedented, even by the introduction of the internet itself: Blockchain.

Blockstart Ventures’ multi-strategy approach identifies, evaluates, and securely invests in those blockchain teams, companies, and digital assets poised to transform global enterprise while comprising the next generation of multi-trillion dollar industries and markets.

At Blockstart Ventures we’re uniquely positioned to deliver on the promise of blockchain: As technologists and developers of these applications, we comprehensively appreciate their strengths as well as their weaknesses. As practicing attorneys with blockchain-specific expertise we identify, assess, and strive to mitigate risk: Whether legal and/or regulatory, financial and/or strategic, structural and/or operational.

Combining these uncommon attributes with industry-specific expertise and high-touch practicionership, Blockstart Ventures delivers precise and well as broad-spectrum Web 3.0 insight to its limited partners and portfolio companies.

As recognized thought leaders, Blockstart Ventures has forged global networks of industry relationships, routinely leveraged for diverse, holistic perspectives. Thus, investment evaluation occurs not only internally and domestically, but multilaterally and globally. In turn, our viewpoints are not only those of investors, but of active practitioners in the space. The resulting dynamic is a ‘push-pull’, between innovation and regulation, strategy and purpose, etc., that we submit is simply unmatched in this rapidly emerging industry.

Today, as both institutional interest and investment amplify, and as global industry recognizes the transformative power of this bold new technology, Blockstart Ventures is set to realize its objectives, actualize its purpose, and together with its partners and portfolio companies, change the world for the better.